A Painted Vortex (August 2007)

painted vortex.jpg

From a blue nothingness I extend

From possibility into being.

The strokes of my brush

Creating as I go.

I come from that.


Serendipitous images of vortex:

Liquid stalactites, a golden curl, a story of wind vortices in the pine trees,

the flow of my garden, the shape of my core.

Moving, now a vertical undulation

Building momentum

Inverted Vortex.jpg

Increasing sentience

Spiraling into a Fourier transform

Here I am, in the place to which I’ve come.

Now I must risk, be vulnerable

Willing to look back up the cervix of the vortex.  To my source.

Die a small death and reside there.

Melting the Illusion of Reality (2007)

Melting the Illusion of Reality (2007)