Take Me Please (2008)

Oh, my sweet Beloved,

Take this body

Do with it as you will

I surrender

I surrender it to you

With joy in my heart

Laughter on my lips

Tears on my face

And crazy-loco with anticipation in my soul

All I beg is that I be allowed

To dwell within you

Within your loving gaze

Within your warm embrace

I am yours

I feel you here

My heart is yours

It loves infinitely

It is strong and ever-expanding

Forgiving and true

Can you hear it?


Oh, my sweet God

Take these hands, this magical key

They will paint your beauty

Write words of love

Touch with adoring attention

Make lovelies to adorn your toes

And play toss with the sphere of me

And my soul, you already have

But please keep it, please

It is a wonderful reflection of you

I know you love it

Looking in this tiny mirror

And seeing a miniature you

Oh, Beloved you.