The Return (Sept 2014)

The Return (#2) 16x20 Sept 2014

The Return (#2) 16x20 Sept 2014

She first noticed something was missing

Without really knowing what

An empty gnawing that felt like an invisible hunger

Lying beneath her life in the shadows

Loneliness most obvious in times of distress

Though mostly hidden in her unconscious


The Return 20x16 August 2014

The Return 20x16 August 2014

The dark purple shadows tracing across her motions

The slant ever so slightly off

Until one day

A cataclysmic burst of white hot

Laid it all bare, raw, almost incomprehensible


Working with her burdens

Blind trust in the process at first

And as understanding grew

Small worn spots appeared in the gossamer folds

White smudges awash in the violet sweep

And she rejoiced


And so it goes on

The questions and answers

The rhythm of the day moving along

Faith no longer blind

Love, trust, and curiosity


The biggest question for her now

How to live this understanding

Bring it home so to speak

How to let it color her life

So that she may rejoice again and again

As each moment appears