Infinitude Suspended (June 2013)

Infinitude Suspended--June 2013 22x18
Infinitude Suspended--June 2013 22x18

An infinitesimally still infinitude

Extending for millions of eons

Beyond any reach of mind or measure

Suspended here


Consciousness not localized

Infinitude suspended

A seemingly impenetrable mystery

That I can explore just by being the exploration


Infinitude suspended


Looking back at casey

Through her own eyes

She’s infinitely beautiful


All the qualities of a heart at home

Burst in

Permeating the infinitude

With golden light, warmth, and love

Boundless love


The warmth becomes imbued with certainty

Sliding back into infinitude

Consciousness knowing itself

Recognizing the unfolding casey

As itself

Casey knowing herself

As it

Structures in My Mind (February 2013)

aka  The Door to Endlessness

aka The Door to Endlessness

Amid the structures of my mind

The blackness reveals a wonderful mystery

You can find the door to endlessness

Amid the structures in my mind


Supported by columns of white

An interlace of branches allow

       the burgeoning flow

Trees of being dance joyfully here

In my mind

Footsteps fading until nothing remains...

A Fine Morning (April 2013)

A Fine Morning--April 2013 12x24

A Fine Morning--April 2013 12x24

Dapples trace the surface

Entrancing, lovely pools

Early sun penetrates the canopy

Shimmering play of light

Silhouettes dark against the water

There, with no doubt

Chiaroscuro pointing to the interplay

Along the path

So, abide here a bit

Before moving along the shore

Rest here a while

As yourself

Under a Colorado Sky (June 2012)

aka Mobius

aka Mobius

Suspended in warmth

A gentle, fluid flow

Amid the full spaciousness

Me, present as being

Being in a hot-tub


Nothing in my experience

Floating, simply me floating

The cool wind caressing my skin

Whispering to my cells


The inky blue vastness surrounds me

The silhouette of the mountain embraces me

A single planet

In a perfect trajectory from my eye


Floating, being, spacious, calm, content


Smooth, silvery upthrust

Hot-tub Inquiry--28x22 June 2012

Hot-tub Inquiry--28x22 June 2012

Coalescing in my heart


An intensity, a density

At the exact pinpoint

Between my breasts

Density condensing


A collapse of the entirety

Into a singularity

Of unimaginable density



The sky, the mountain, the water, the planet

All converge into me

The very center of me

Such that I am the mountain

I am the sky

All this

Here as my heart


Yes, a truth-dense core

A magnetic reminder of who I am

Here now

Beguiling Deception (May 2012)

The color of a cat’s eye

The images vivid in this inner view

Swirling up amid the blue



I sense the layers

Accruing over time

One over another

Each surrounding a tiny kernel of truth

The nacre of falseness

A false pearl


And so these appear as I work

Arising from my unconscious

One by one

Each now a lovely gift


The depths to plumb

Sorting false from true

Like bubbles bursting

Finally nuggets rest clear

Exactly where I am

Beguiling Deception--20x16 May 2012

Beguiling Deception--20x16 May 2012

Deconstruction (Oct 2011)

Deconstruction 24x18 Oct 2011

Deconstruction 24x18 Oct 2011

The shell of an empty room

Shuttered against intrusion

Beams holding the walls tight

Thinking, this is who I am


Until, through broken lines

Consciousness arises

Melting upward

Brilliant in the night


The stars a sweeping backdrop

To a soul emerging

Flying free, arms widespread

In the deep blue sky

Table Rock No. 2 (August 2010)

Table Rock (No.2)--24x20 Aug 2010

Table Rock (No.2)--24x20 Aug 2010

Under an ochre sky

Shadows cast


Press the limits of the mind

Jaundice of the eye


I stayed as long as a woman could without dying

That’s what my mind said when I paid attention to it

There was a film clip to go along with it, deep blues and reds


Creativity unfurls and flames

Flashing through the water

Penetrating into the very crevices

Then, following the surface flare

Newness arises


Moving along, undoubtedly

Cosmic Hot-tub (May 2010)

My beloved has been taken from me

Wrenched from my embrace

Blood pouring from wounds

Where once we were inextricably entwined


My heart, my soul bereft

I flounder in the aftermath

Weeping blood, so lost

Until the scar tissue forms

And I forget


Then eons later, as I blindly search

I find myself immersed

In a pool of liquid warmth

An exquisitely pure energy

Filling my heart


My eyes, long closed, open wide in recognition

Before me, I see, suspended in the dark space

Deep, deep red curving shapes

Graceful pendants of solid glass

Glistening reflections beckoning


I move forward into this space

Heeding the siren call

A single ruby swirl

Penetrating my right eye

The smooth flow perfect


The entire periphery of my upper torso

Aflame, aflow in the red glow

The tingling warmth lights liquid fires

In a slow wave down

The inside of my right arm

Dissolving the skin

Uniting it with my heart


The warm, meaningful flow

Fills my entire body

And opens a column of space around my spine

Patiently I wait

As the sweet, liquid softness gathers at my base

As the clear fluidity slowly rises

Gently pulsing upward

Until this slow liquid pleasure

Explodes in slow motion

Out of the top of my head

Circling around to engulf my entire being

In the smooth softness, I relax


The shimmering builds again, laced with grief

And deep, deep longing

Pervasive poignancy


I fall from the cusp

Shockwaves striking me

As every muscle clenches inward


And in this eternal hardness

A certainty, absolute and undeniable


I hear, I say


Cosmic Hot-tub--20x16 Ma 2010 aka Merging Strength



Illumination on the Path (August 2009)

The way ahead winds to the left

Obscuring my view

My feet trod of a will beyond

The hardness of stone beneath them

Cool amid the red


Shadows hang heavy from the limbs above

Shades of mystery strewn along the way

Interspersed with knowing

A walk I take with trust

No longer clothed in the thinning mist


Illumination comes brightly

A source beyond

The sudden brilliance striking bold

On the path ahead


Come hence, casey

Step into the luxurious light

Bathe in the luminosity of truth

Found on walking on a path


Illumination on the Path 30x40 July 2009

Illumination on the Path 30x40 July 2009

Immersed in Lightness (March 2009)

Immersed in Lightness (March 2009)  I painted this during a Diamond Approach weekend.  I remember painting in white for a long time, so long that a little friend of my son's noted on his 6th or 7th run past my easel: "Mrs. Olson, I don't see what you're painting."

Immersed in Lightness (March 2009)

I painted this during a Diamond Approach weekend.  I remember painting in white for a long time, so long that a little friend of my son's noted on his 6th or 7th run past my easel: "Mrs. Olson, I don't see what you're painting."

The woman slowly comes awake

Awareness rising as wisps

As the blue fissures dissolve the weight

Flowing into rhythm


Immersed in golden white

Awed by the exquisitude

Stretched to sheer endlessness

Touched by the light


Rising as the crest

Poised as perfection

Emanating me

Gently sighing back into the depths


A Painted Vortex (August 2007)

painted vortex.jpg

From a blue nothingness I extend

From possibility into being.

The strokes of my brush

Creating as I go.

I come from that.


Serendipitous images of vortex:

Liquid stalactites, a golden curl, a story of wind vortices in the pine trees,

the flow of my garden, the shape of my core.

Moving, now a vertical undulation

Building momentum

Inverted Vortex.jpg

Increasing sentience

Spiraling into a Fourier transform

Here I am, in the place to which I’ve come.

Now I must risk, be vulnerable

Willing to look back up the cervix of the vortex.  To my source.

Die a small death and reside there.

Melting the Illusion of Reality (2007)

Melting the Illusion of Reality (2007)

Take Me Please (2008)

Oh, my sweet Beloved,

Take this body

Do with it as you will

I surrender

I surrender it to you

With joy in my heart

Laughter on my lips

Tears on my face

And crazy-loco with anticipation in my soul

All I beg is that I be allowed

To dwell within you

Within your loving gaze

Within your warm embrace

I am yours

I feel you here

My heart is yours

It loves infinitely

It is strong and ever-expanding

Forgiving and true

Can you hear it?


Oh, my sweet God

Take these hands, this magical key

They will paint your beauty

Write words of love

Touch with adoring attention

Make lovelies to adorn your toes

And play toss with the sphere of me

And my soul, you already have

But please keep it, please

It is a wonderful reflection of you

I know you love it

Looking in this tiny mirror

And seeing a miniature you

Oh, Beloved you.


In Stillness, Love Awaits (Feb 2008)

In stillness, my love awaits.

In stillness, love awaits

In the silence it resides

In openness, I discover lightness and space

In lightness, I am revealed

In space, I re-emerge in the shape of my true nature

True nature that sings of purity and simple being

Exploring the universe in my heart, as my heart

I encounter genuine existence

In a gentleness of grace

And that the of joy of this is so accessible

So easy, like slipping on a soft robe

Rest, focus, open

Expand, relax, assimilate

Integrate over time

Allow the organic flowering

Trust the flow

Know there is a meaning and intelligence in this universe

That reveals as it goes

Widen the eyes so that it can be seen

Open the heart so love may overflow


Night Sky 16x12.jpg

Another (July 2008)

The path to god lies in Another

True knowledge of the universe contained within


And it starts with me

As I open in truth and clarity

As I show the beauty of myself to Another

And allow the exquisite manifestation of god that I am

To shine through this sweet body

I see Another and Another sees me

We are two, inextricably entwined yet inexplicably unique


As Another sees her reflection in me

She glimpses her own essence of perfection and being

And recognizes home

Oh, the sweet warmth of that moment

All these moments

The swirling dance of shakti

That forms the heart bond of shared awareness

Of shared existence

Opening wider

So completely immersed in Another

My body suspended in the liquid luminosity

I weep with joy

As the lines of my body dissolve

Into this great warmth

And the two become one

A union of two becomes the only One

This pure existence and source of all being

That is God

And, so, please my sweet beloved Another

Lead me home.

Lavender Moon Balm (August 2013)

Here in the heart of my belly

There is room for balm

Strength in the softness

Love in the support

Purple and lavender, black and silver

Taking the gravity off my body in thrilling swoops

A silver fulcrum

Balance and lever both

In the soothing nourishment of this soft light

There beats an impulse toward freedom

And freedom in the impulse


Lavender Moon Balm, July 2013, 20x16

Lavender Moon Balm, July 2013, 20x16

I stayed as long as a woman could without dying...
— casey

Cradled by the Moon (September 2008)

The cradle of the moon holds my essence
Ever so gently
The pale light surrounds my heart
And this ever increasing knowing of strength
Enfolds me as I dissolve into the pale light
Yet this wet golden cup holds this wet goldness
I have become
As the clouds drift across the moon’s face
No matter
For I find the clouds hold me just as safely
Waiting there below as the moon tips
And I slide noiselessly from the crescent womb
The golden luminosity coalesces
As this, what I call I
And as the beauty of love infuses each new awakening
So I rise again
Fashioned lovingly by the pale golden light