Cosmic Hot-tub (May 2010)

My beloved has been taken from me

Wrenched from my embrace

Blood pouring from wounds

Where once we were inextricably entwined


My heart, my soul bereft

I flounder in the aftermath

Weeping blood, so lost

Until the scar tissue forms

And I forget


Then eons later, as I blindly search

I find myself immersed

In a pool of liquid warmth

An exquisitely pure energy

Filling my heart


My eyes, long closed, open wide in recognition

Before me, I see, suspended in the dark space

Deep, deep red curving shapes

Graceful pendants of solid glass

Glistening reflections beckoning


I move forward into this space

Heeding the siren call

A single ruby swirl

Penetrating my right eye

The smooth flow perfect


The entire periphery of my upper torso

Aflame, aflow in the red glow

The tingling warmth lights liquid fires

In a slow wave down

The inside of my right arm

Dissolving the skin

Uniting it with my heart


The warm, meaningful flow

Fills my entire body

And opens a column of space around my spine

Patiently I wait

As the sweet, liquid softness gathers at my base

As the clear fluidity slowly rises

Gently pulsing upward

Until this slow liquid pleasure

Explodes in slow motion

Out of the top of my head

Circling around to engulf my entire being

In the smooth softness, I relax


The shimmering builds again, laced with grief

And deep, deep longing

Pervasive poignancy


I fall from the cusp

Shockwaves striking me

As every muscle clenches inward


And in this eternal hardness

A certainty, absolute and undeniable


I hear, I say


Cosmic Hot-tub--20x16 Ma 2010 aka Merging Strength