Something Dark Looms (June 2011)

Something Dark Looming--30x24 June 2011

Something Dark Looming--30x24 June 2011

Something looms

Disguised as an umbrella, perhaps as father or mother

Has me believe I’m small and helpless

Or a separate being cut off from the world

Although I’m no longer a child


Offers me a soft sling in which to nestle

Here, let me take care of you

Swathes me in layers to protect me

And the promise of sleep to muffle any pain


So comfortable I don’t notice the bindings

As the cost of comfort

The steely wires stretching into a miasmic web

The minute anchor points riddling my body

Until I wake

And begin to sort through the ties


Something still looms

Something dark hovers near my pearling heart

Hiding there just beyond my ken

Oozing dread from just below my awareness

The tensile strength almost overwhelming


And so, what began as waltzing with god within myself

Has become a battle to free my soul from the looming dread

A battle often waged in molasses

With gaping wounds and dark holes

Through which I surrender and sink

Into the truth of myself