Transparency (July 2013)

A wide soft deep heart

A pillow for the soul

The exquisiteness so close

Right here


Softness swells in response to the call

An arising of love

To know myself as this

Right here


How does that impact my body?

Tears, throat spacious

Settled, soft, true

Knowing it’s all okay


A knowing in my heart

A certain resilient texture tells me so

The texture of truth here in this moment

Clean, squeaky almost, a solid soft certainty


A smile lifts my mouth

As if realness is a secret I have ascertained

The elixir softly sweet, a drop from a honeysuckle blossom

Delicate and pure, recognizable deep in my soul


Sliding down my throat

Melting it into only the barest essence of sweetness

An unending space within

Permeated by this solitary drop


What does the drop do to my structures?

Melting the coating around my heart

Melting the cotton batting that cloaks my nakedness

         And buffers my vulnerabilities


So that I may feel the coolness blowing through

Reveling in the fresh touch along my clavicle

The unimpeded unfolding within my chest

Freedom—a droplet of clear dew—ever-expanding

Transparent Expression--July 2013 16x20

Transparent Expression--July 2013 16x20