Under a Colorado Sky (June 2012)

aka Mobius

aka Mobius

Suspended in warmth

A gentle, fluid flow

Amid the full spaciousness

Me, present as being

Being in a hot-tub


Nothing in my experience

Floating, simply me floating

The cool wind caressing my skin

Whispering to my cells


The inky blue vastness surrounds me

The silhouette of the mountain embraces me

A single planet

In a perfect trajectory from my eye


Floating, being, spacious, calm, content


Smooth, silvery upthrust

Hot-tub Inquiry--28x22 June 2012

Hot-tub Inquiry--28x22 June 2012

Coalescing in my heart


An intensity, a density

At the exact pinpoint

Between my breasts

Density condensing


A collapse of the entirety

Into a singularity

Of unimaginable density



The sky, the mountain, the water, the planet

All converge into me

The very center of me

Such that I am the mountain

I am the sky

All this

Here as my heart


Yes, a truth-dense core

A magnetic reminder of who I am

Here now