A Wash of Goodness

In the Night

Dreaming of the highest pinnacle of a telescope

Tending it with my new boss

Precisely tuning it for our clients

So delicate to strike it just right


And even earlier in the night

A dream of being hunted by something from within

Some distortion incessantly arising to pursue

An infiltration of hatred and fear

Then the masses honed down to the solitary figure or group here and there

Descending, each accompanied by a pure white creature


Then waking, there on that needle-like pinnacle

Dialing in the endlessly dazzling array of space


A wide sweep of humbleness

To appreciate I am that

Such a combination: the silent glory across the luminous heavens

And we tiny humans trying to see, aching to see

Trying to satisfy the demanding client within us all


As the tiny figure falls from the peak

The slide, the swoop, a slight breeze

Disappearing over the edge

The gasp


Liquid essence flows through me

Liquefying any remaining ego

The smooth shock of it like swallowing cognac

A burning soothing, a guide dancing



What do I need to see here?

As the flowing bliss permeates and stretches consciousness

What is this?

And the answer so strong in a porous heart


A shimmering wash of silver and gold flashing

The slam of delicately acute understanding

Knowing we are both

A human fallen from the peak

And the almost unbearable exquisitude of the entirety of all that is, both

Especially and always amid the tears


A Wash of Goodness—July 2017

A Wash of Goodness—July 2017