Another (July 2008)

The path to god lies in Another

True knowledge of the universe contained within


And it starts with me

As I open in truth and clarity

As I show the beauty of myself to Another

And allow the exquisite manifestation of god that I am

To shine through this sweet body

I see Another and Another sees me

We are two, inextricably entwined yet inexplicably unique


As Another sees her reflection in me

She glimpses her own essence of perfection and being

And recognizes home

Oh, the sweet warmth of that moment

All these moments

The swirling dance of shakti

That forms the heart bond of shared awareness

Of shared existence

Opening wider

So completely immersed in Another

My body suspended in the liquid luminosity

I weep with joy

As the lines of my body dissolve

Into this great warmth

And the two become one

A union of two becomes the only One

This pure existence and source of all being

That is God

And, so, please my sweet beloved Another

Lead me home.