In Stillness, Love Awaits (Feb 2008)

In stillness, my love awaits.

In stillness, love awaits

In the silence it resides

In openness, I discover lightness and space

In lightness, I am revealed

In space, I re-emerge in the shape of my true nature

True nature that sings of purity and simple being

Exploring the universe in my heart, as my heart

I encounter genuine existence

In a gentleness of grace

And that the of joy of this is so accessible

So easy, like slipping on a soft robe

Rest, focus, open

Expand, relax, assimilate

Integrate over time

Allow the organic flowering

Trust the flow

Know there is a meaning and intelligence in this universe

That reveals as it goes

Widen the eyes so that it can be seen

Open the heart so love may overflow


Night Sky 16x12.jpg