There Is No Chasm

Leaping into the Abyss 20x16

Facing the vast emptiness

Energy amassing in my chest

Thoughts and ideas flying

Standing here on the edge of the abyss


All the things I project onto that clear expanse

All the contrivances of conviction

All the fillers so I cannot see

Fear of aloneness, of non-existence


What keeps me here?

Teetering, holding on for dear life

Imagining a swan dive down into an unknown eternity

Gathering my courage


And so I jump

And immediately realize the support is within me, around me, throughout me so thoroughly there is no longer any me, no longer anything but a certain amness

Holding my sides as I guffaw

There is no chasm


The amness is Beingness

And the Beingness, at this moment, is support

And in floods my heart’s desire

The awake love, welcome belonging, inherent goodness

That feeling of the Beloved’s arms around me

Then looking down to see the arms are my own


Now how the presence slides down, quiet

A happy god’s belly

Golden and strong, wide and daily-like


And it strikes me: the support of our work today

For which I am infinitely grateful