Resolution of the Rejecting Object Relation

A Melting Resolution 16x20 Dec 2016


The inner space broadens

A dark screen on which understanding plays

The openness arching away till it is no longer perceptible

A hum of blue in the black depths


A still pool of grace emerges

Aware of my consciousness as that

No edges but contained within

Liquid warmness within the cool dark emptiness of the endless


I watch as identification transfers from self

To grace

And, as grace, melting into endlessness

Silent, deep, suspended


Aware of moving along the perceptual continuum

Looking back and seeing the forms

From where awareness takes no form

Yet being the forms, too, within the space

Feeling the knowing that forms are simply forms

Formed from the formlessness

The same thing


Looking up to the right, high above on a solid spot

A distant figure

The idealized self-created father image

Whom I desired so to please

Whose love I begged

And who I perceived as the source of grace


He is a tool of the super-ego

Having me do his will

To maintain the relative position of two

Aware of the resolution of the rejecting object relation

As the figure slides downward

Slipping shapelessly into the black depths

Loving grace expands


There, too, in the dark cavern below, almost invisible, is the beast

An amalgamation of writhing, twisted form

Like chameleon poop


Smoothness subsumes it


Loving light amasses

Arising as a perception of the expanse

The expanse perceiving itself as that luminosity

Infusing, suffusing, permeating

Pervasive grace

All in a drop

All the while, this “trace of casey” marks the spot